Pain in underside of right foot

Hi Dr. Splichal,

I’ve been experiencing a weird popping in the underside of my right foot on the knuckle of the 4th toe (about an inch from the ball of my foot). The popping started at least a year ago and seems to come and go, but within the last few months, if I step on it the wrong way, it will pop and immediately become very sore. I find that walking barefoot on hard floors when it’s irritated makes the pain almost excruciating, but if I put on running shoes and tighten the laces, it almost doesn’t hurt at all. I would describe the pain as sharp at first and then it feels hot inside my foot (??) and then it’s like a strong ache. I recently had a baby, so I don’t know if the relaxin hormones perhaps altered my feet? Does that sound at all like something familiar?

I know I need to go see a doctor, but I don’t currently have a GP. Should I try scheduling an appointment with a podiatrist, or does one usually need to be referred?

Thank you!

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  1. Foot-com

    Hi Shelly, Thank you for your question. I would recommend seeing a Podiatrist. Depending on your insurance you may or may not need a referral. If you do not need a referral, I would go straight to a Podiatrist as they can better evaluate you and determine the cause of your pain. Until you see a Podiatrist, I would continue to wear the supportive shoe gear and avoid activities that increase the pain. Good luck!

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