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My son has pain on top of his left foot, Saw a local DPM months ago, they took an MRI. The Dr didn’t see anything wrong on MRI. We where told to get custom orthotics, which we did. He plays HS football, and the pain is back again. I had a PFA member examine his foot, I was told it might be his Les france ligament. Is there any type of remedy to relieve some of the pain? If he continues to play will this damage the foot more? When you look at his foot, it looks like a small area that is a little swollen, hurts to touch it. The pain is maybe an inch above his toes.

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    Thank you for your question.

    The Lis Franc ligament is designed to stabilize the midfoot and can be injured during extreme plantarflexion and sometimes ankle sprains. For any ligament injur you want to limit the stress on the foot and control the inflammation. Custom orthotics are not going to limit the stress on the ligament as well as taking time off from athletics.

    Without examining your son I cannot definately say whether or not he does in fact have a Lis Franc injury – however I would recommend seeing the Podiatrist again to get re-evaluated. Sometimes it helps to get another opinion or have another Doctor read the MRI. Ultrasound is another great way to examine soft tissue, so you may consider having this diagnostic test done.

    Best of luck!

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