Pain in toe, arch and outside of foot

A little over a year ago, I ended up kicking a bodyshield (in martial arts) when the termperature was pretty cold and I ended up bruising 4 of my 5 toes. I later found out that I cracked (only partially) the toenail of my big toe and it too almost a year for it to grow out. Since then, I feel like I have a strain in my big toe whenever I walk quickly or run. I also have found that I have an aching pain in outside of the same foot. They did an x-ray and say a small fracture. I was put in a boot and had a bone scan done. The scan revealed no fracture so I was taken out of the boot. And, finally, I have pain in the center of my arch that they have contributed to plantar fascitis but nothing has been done to relieve or help it. I have asked for a cortisone shot in my foot but they indicated they would have to inject the entire fascia since it is in the center of my arch. I previoulsy had a cortizone shot in my big toe. I am at a loss as to what to do. Perhaps, I should seek out a new podiatrist? I am a martial artist so a couple nights a week, I am barefoot on our padded floor. I also wear running shoes that were suggested to me based on my running style and gait at our local running store through their foot analysis. I hope I have a provided enough information for some sort of suggestions. Thank you.

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    Hello and thank you for your question.

    Based on the above I would seek a second opinion with another Podiatrist. Sometimes having a fresh set of eyes on your foot pain is good and can lead to more appropriate treatment.

    In the mean time I would make sure you are doing daily foot recovery including foot release and calf stretching. I recommend a product called Yamuna Foot Wakers which should be used 10 minutes every day. For the pain or inflammation I suggest trying either an oral anti-inflammatory or topical anti-inflammatory or icing. You can roll your foot on a frozen water bottle 10 minutes every night.

    I hope this helps.

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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