pain and swelling two years out

I’ve had foot issues for the last few years and then finally after getting sent from er to podiatry, to physical therapy, back to my primary, and then to orthopedic, who sent me to another orthopedic, who sent me to an hematologist due to an inherited genetic mutation that affects blood clotting all before surgery. finally had surgery in Dec. 2011 to remove an extra bone I had growing into the tendon on the inside off my ankle. I was told in the beginning it was a few centimeters long, it ended up being a few inches, and then spent almost 2 months non weight bearing. I was allowed to start therapy and go back to work. my job requires a lot of walk, standing, running, and long hours. my ankle is still swelling and painful to walk on after a few hours, and some days it’s all I can do to limp from my car to a place where I can try to elevate it. I went back to the doctor who told me that as long as I can raise up on my toes at all on that foot, he won’t consider redoing it because of the blood disorder, since he had never seen someone with it until I walked into his office. the pain is almost as bad as it was before. Do I need to try and get back in with him, or is there another way to manage the pain and swelling with out going through so much Tylenol/advil?

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    Hello and thank you for the question.

    Have you had another MRI since your surgery? Have you had any steroid injections to the surgical site? It sounds like you may have some post-op inflammation that is a result of you stressing the area with your work related activities. Are you in an orthotic or ASO-ankle brace?

    I would suggest trying all of the above before considering surgical options. All of the above can and should be discussed with your Doctor. It is common to have some post-op swelling / inflammation for sometimes 6 months post-foot surgery.

    I hope this helps!

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