Pain and sore feet with difficulty walking

I am a male, 75, 185 ibs and 5’11″+. I have had 15 years of bladder, colon and skin cancer(nothing last 10 yrs), I have Type II diabetes, I had an ischemic event on March 22 this year with 3 total blockages in the three arteries feeding the heart. I have a recurring foot pain that happens about every 6 weeks and lasts for 2 weeks. It is normally in the left foot but may be in the right, this current event started in both feet but moved to almost totally the right foot. The pain is in several places, from the rigid tissue (muscle or tendon?) from the big toe to the ankle. Sore to the touch. Cannot bear weight on the ball of the foot. The ankle is very sore. For about 4 days of the event, walking is extremely difficult and I must use supports of some kind to move at all. This time is normally spent in a chair. I can find no relief. My doctors won’t allow pain medications because of the heart failure. It has been diagnosed as absolutely gout and absolutely not gout multiple times. It has been diagnosed as planter fasciitis and not that. It has been doubted that it is neuropathy because of the periodic nature. I seriously need some help.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Without examining you and having more detailed information it is going to be difficult to better advise you. What I suggest doing is seeing a Functional Medicine Dr who can evaluate your bloodwork and see your inflammation levels. My guess is that due to your medical conditions including diabetes that you are in a very inflamed state. This can wreak havoc on your connective tissue, blood vessels and nervous system. Im not sure how your diet is or any vitamin supplements you take but I’d have a full workup including these aspects of your lifestyle. I hope this helps!

  2. betty romano

    Reading your answer to a reader’s comments where you mention “Functional Doctor”…just what is that category and how do I find one…. are you talking about a podiatrist??? Or a natural medicine doctor? I am fed up with my primary care doctor who has never touched me or looked at my feet or any other part of my anatomy and just sends in another prescription….RSVP please
    Thank you.

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