Pain in sole of foot

The entire bottom( sole) of both feet hurt the entire time I am up and walking. Especially upon getting up from sitting. I’m 70 and feel as if my padding is gone on the bottom of my feet. The Aetrex insole doesn’t help. Any solutions??

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Sounds like you may have what’s called fat pad atrophy and intrinsic muscle atrophy. As we age we lose the strength of the small muscles in our feet which support our arches and our body weight. Some of the best insole material for those with fat pad atrophy is “plastazote” which molds to your own foot. You can also look into metatarsal pads which help to offload the ball of the foot. You may finally want to look at some of the extra cushion footwear such as Hoka or New Balance Foam. I hope this helps!