Pain on outside of left foot

I have had a shooting pain that then turns to numbness in my left foot for months now. It would be severe for a few days then go away. In the last month it has just gotten worse and worse. If I try to stretch it and do yoga type moves it is unbearable! When I lean a certain way, for example to give my boyfriend a kiss good by in the in the morning when he is still in bed, it is very severe, this would be leaning to the right and the pain is in the outside of my left foot. After the pain is severe it turns to numbness, this runs from my second little tow all the way to my heel. If I touch the top of my foot say with my other foot it is very sensitive and painful.
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  1. Foot-com

    Thank you for your question. Based off of your symptoms I would definately see a Podiatrist to get a full biomechanical and neurological evaluation. Because you are complaining of not just pain, but also numbness you want to make sure that there not a nerve that is impinged or stretched. In the mean time, try to avoid exercises that stretch your ankles too much and wear shoes with a slight heel as this will take tension off of the nerve and tendons of the inner foot. Good luck!

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