Pain in the outside of the foot


for a couple of weeks now i have had pain on my left foot on the outside, it starts from my pinkie toe and goes down to my heel, and some points it stretches up my leg,
the thing is i had a operation last year to have my bunions removed on both feet at the same time, i had a double oseotomy and bilateral scarf, i basically had to learn how to walk again, and i was off work for 8 weeks and im not sure if thats the reason, it gets to the point where i can barely walk and im limping badly, i cant walk down the stairs properly i have to tip toe on that leg and even then it hurts, please help


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  1. Foot-com

    Thank you for your question Scotty.

    After surgery, we often shift the way we walk to avoid excess stress to the surgical site. If your surgery was performed on the inside of the foot, your tendency is going to be to shift to the outside of the foot.

    There are specific nerves and tendons that run down the side of your leg and can radiate pain in the pattern you describe. I would start by trying to correct the way you are walking and distributing pressure on your feet. This can be done with either stretching and exercises or orthotics.

    If you haven’t seen your Podiatrist in awhile I recommend getting a new biomechanical and gait exam. Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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