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I started a new job just over a month ago and after about a week I started getting pain just below my right pinky toe at about the head of the fifth metatarsal. While working, I lean forward and to the right over 800 times in an 8 hour period. As of now, it has gotten a lot worse to the point of not being able to put weight on it for 5-7 steps after resting. After that I can walk on it but it still hurts and I’ve noticed I’ve been avoiding stepping on the outside of my foot to compensate. It also hurts to touch or bend my toes downward and extend them again. If my foot is planted on the ground and I turn my body there is an intense sharp pain that goes through that area of my foot. I don’t know if this is relevant, but also when I spread my toes there is a slight crack each time around my small toe like the sound of a knuckle cracking.

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    Hello and thank you for the question.

    Without examining you it is difficult for me to accurately diagnose you, however it sounds like you may have a bursitis or capsulitis to the 5th metatarsal head/5th toe joint. Repetitive movements to the same part of a foot (especially 800 times a day) will eventually lead to inflammation and pain.

    If you have not tried some sort of dispersion pad, I would try this first. Another great product is Aetrex shoes with customizable Lynco® orthotics. With the Mozaic™ technology in the orthotic, you can peel away gel plugs in the areas of discomfort to disperse excess pressure. If the pain persists then I would see a Podiatrist to get an x-ray and possible custom orthotics or an injection.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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