Pain and numbness in toes

I had seen a doctor a while back for foot pain on the top part of it all the way up to the toes, all of them except my big toe. It was hurting so bad at the time for almost a week, then I went to see my primary care doctor. She told me nothing, and just sent me home with nothing but meds for tingling, no pain meds. The next day, the pain was unbearable, so I was rushed to the hospital in another county. They told me that it was only tendonitis after telling them that I was experiencing pain and numbness in the toes, swell bruising in the 2nd toe, shooting sharp pains every once in a while, occasionally burning sensation.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Do you have any other medical conditions besides anxiety? Anytime a patient has tingling / numbness in the toes neuropathy wants to be ruled out. If you haven’t seen a Neurologist yet you may want to consider seeing one. For the spasms where your toes spread to out that means your nerves are inflamed / fatigued / spasming which can often be addressed with myofascial release of your foot to your lower back. I’d highly suggest looking into trigger point release ( and yoga. You can even find different yoga programs on YouTube. If you prefer to go to a physical therapist then I’d look for “nerve flossing”. I’d start rolling your feet every day for 10 minutes on golf ball or the RAD Roller follwed by 5 minutes of calf stretching. I hope this helps!

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