Pain in the my left foot (bottom left side)

Hi Doctor! Four days ago, I sprained my ankle slightly while I was running. I could still walk and run on it, but it starting hurting a little more as the day progressed. I put my ankle compression brace on and it made it feel better. I did not run for three days after. I simply biked and did some elliptical. Today, I went for a five mile run, and for three of the five miles the left side of my left foot hurt. My ankle was fine. I was wearing my compression brace and it did not even hurt when I walked. Can you please tell me why my foot hurts? Is it because of my ankle? Thanks Doctor! AJ

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    Hello and thank you for your question. After any ankle sprain I would get an Xray to ensure there are no fractures. It is common to fracture the 5th metatarsal on the outside of the foot when an ankle is sprained. You could also have a Peroneal Tendinitis from the ankle sprain that is not yet resolved. I’d suggest going to a Podiatrist or at least an Urgent Care Center for Xrays. I hope this helps!

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