Pain on my left big toe

Have had pain since 0n my left big toe for a few years, had injections, and toenail removed, along with bunionectomy. Had stroke 5 years ago, with left side devices. podiatrist thinks I had nerve damage that cannot be cured in the meantime, I cannot find any shoes, and have taken back countless pairs as after a few days walking, I get intense pain in the toe. Can you offer any other options . Thank you for any help

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I’d really need to know exactly where you are experiencing your pain. To have pain in the nail is different than the joint which is then different from the side or bottom of the toe. If you do have nerve pain or injury then that is typically addressed different than a biomechanical issue such as a bunion. Supportive footwear will not do anything for nerve-related pain or discomfort. If you can provide additional information that would greatly help me.

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