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About a year ago I started to experience pain in my left Achilles about 2 miles into my runs. I always immediately stopped and walked home. I took several months off and didn’t run, tried ice, tried rest, tried massage but nothing helped my Achilles pain.

Earlier this year I saw my Primary Doctor who took x-rays of the Achilles which showed nothing but he did feel a sizeable lump in the tendon and suggested PT. I did several months PT where I did regain a lot of strength and flexibility that I didn’t realize i had lost but it hasn’t “cured” my Achilles pain. I still have pain and stiffness any time I sit for a while, mornings when I get up.

The PT put me on this ALine platform and said I am very pronated on that left foot and she thinks that could be a contributing factor. So she suggested orthotics. I’ve never had gait issue or other issue before but do you think orthotiics would help my Achilles pain? I’d love to be pain free more than anything but I don’t want to go back to being heavily shod the rest of my life.

Thanks in advance for any and all opinions.

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    Thank you for your question.

    Based off of your description and the treatment you’ve done thus far for your Achilles tendon – my biggest concern would be to see the actual health of the tendon. I would want to know if there is any degeneration in the tendon – or possibly and partial tearing or fraying of the tendon fibers. Both of these can make it very difficult for you to resume pain-free activity.

    To determine the health of the tendon you would want to get an MRI. This can easily be ordered by your Doctor and will be covered by your insurance.

    As far as pronation and Achilles pain. Pronation can be a compensation if you have limited ankle mobility – where limited ankle mobility can stress the Achilles tendon causing pan. AND pronation can stress the soleus fibers of the Achilles tendon – so pronation could be contributing to the pain.

    Does this mean you have to give up barefoot activity forever? Not necessarily. You must first determine the health and condition of the tendon. If there is degeneration then there are several treatment options to get your tendon young and healthy again – these include PRP, Topaz, Laser, Bone Marrow Aspirate…. After the tendon repairs itself you need to make the tendon elastic again which is done through eccentric training and myofascial work.

    Achilles tendonitis can take months to recover from and requires daily myofascial release and work to keep excess stress off of the tendon. You may need to resume to traditional footwear / sneakers for the time being and then transition back to barefoot.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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