Pain under big toe with lack of mobility

I’ve been having intense pain in my left big toe for a week now, it started off sore but has now got me walking on the side of my foot as i can’t lay my foot completely flat without intense pain. It is pain localized under my big toe on the bottom to the point I cannot bend my toe up or down hardly, nor lay my foot completely flat. There is one very sensitive area kind of at the base of the area in the middle. There’s some swelling on the top and bottom of the far right side of my foot. I’m not sure if I should go in to the doctor or not but this is bugging me quite a lot at this point.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. If you are in that much pain then I’d definately see a Podiatrist in person as there is little I can do without examining your foot in person. If there is an inflamed joint or a fracture you want to rule that out and get the proper care initiated immediately. In the mean time I would suggest icing the foot and doing as little activity as possible to reduce any further injury. Good luck!

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