Pain in big toe

I heard a pop around my big toe one day when i was bent down on my toes playing with my dog and i had some pain and discomfort but now it has been a week or so and i assumed i had a mild bunion because the bone is slightly poked out but my big toe is still straight but i am now having so much pain around that big toe joint i limp some when walking and can’t stand on my tip toes without getting a great amount of pain. I was wanting to know if there is anything it could be other than a bunion and if it does sound like a bunion what should i do?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Without seeing your foot it is difficult to say exactly however it is quite possible you pinched the capsule of the great toe joint resulting in inflammation and pain (capsulitis). A bunion in itself would not cause the pain but a bunion can possibly increase your risk of the capsulitis. If you have not seen a Podiatrist you may want to have your foot evaluated. An xray can be done and possibly a steroid injection based on the cause of pain. In the mean time you can ice your foot and take NSAIDs to reduce any inflammation. I hope this helps.

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