Pain in ball of foot

I’m having pain in the ball of my foot near my big toe. I went to the ER and they said its not broken or fractured. What could be wrong? I can hardly walk. Thank you.

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  1. Dr. Emily Splichal

    Hello and thank you for your question. This condition is something I would go to the Podiatrist for not an emergency room. A Podiatrist would be able to better screen you for possible sesamoiditis, capsulitis, bunion hallux limitus among other conditions. In the mean time you can consider adjusting your footwear to make sure they are wide enough and offer enough support. To the area of pain you can ice or use topical anti-inflammtories. If your pain persists after a week of the above then I’d see a Podiatrist who can evlauate you in person. I hope this helps!