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Hi, been having pain in my left foot since July 1. It is right at the the end of the pinky toes and goes down and also in the middle of the foot. I am always on my feet because i work in retail and also walk about 1 -1 1/2 miles just to get to work everyday. About a year ago i went to my doctor because i was having problem with the same foot but it was in my heal part and it was in the inside and my doctor diagnosed me with plantar faciaitias and i was given a cortozone shot. I have an arch support and 2 insoles already in my shoes already and still in pain. I have been icing it but the only thing trying to get off of it is a problem because i have to work. Any help would be appricated.

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    Thank you for the question.

    Every day we take on average 5,000 to 8,000 – compound that with your job that requires you to stand all day. Unless you are recovering your feet daily with stretching and exercises, they are eventually going to break down. If you have a history of plantar fasciitis, and are experiencing a new pain in the feet I would start with calf stretching and foot massage at the end of every day.

    Depending on your foot biomechanics over-the-counter- arch supports and insoles may not be enough. If the pain persists I would see your Podiatrist to get a biomechanical and gait exam. Custom orthotics may be able to give your feet the support they need to stand all day at your job. Good luck!

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