Outer Ball & Inner Ball Pain

I’ve been seeing a podiatrist for foot pain on both feet. They are extremely tender and I feel that when I’m walking on them, particularly on hard floors that the inner and outer balls of my feet have no padding. Like the bones are almost directly on the floor with no cushioning. Every step is painful. I’m wearing the Fleet Feet insoles and they help cushion some.

My Podiatrist has me using an NSAI ointment called Voltaren 4x a day and I’ve been using it for a while with minimal improvement. He says it may takes a couple months for it to get better. I can no longer go for walks with my dog and I have to stay off my feet as much as possible.

Do you have any other suggestions for me?

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  1. Foot-com

    Thank you for your question. I’m sorry to hear that you are having foot pain.

    It can be extremely frustrating, especially when it prevents us from doing what we enjoy. Depending on your foot type, you can be putting more pressure on the ball of your foot. This foot type is a very rigid foot type that does not react well to the floor and ground reaction forces.

    Your best bet may be to get custom orthotics that are designed to disperse the weight more eveningly throughout your foot. OTC inserts such as Fleet Feet can only do so much as far as weight dispersion and altering foot biomechanics. I would suggest discussing this option with your Podiatrist!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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