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Hi Emily hope you’re having a nice week! I’m sorry to post a second question. I’ve had an ongoing foot problem for 3 months (see here for my original post -> I truly appreciated it when you replied. It gave me a sense of direction and well, my finances aren’t that great so you were an angel.

I’ve eventually been able to scrape enough money and credit together for 3 sessions with a podiatrist. He thinks I may have had stress fractures which have probably healed. However, the pain below the ankle and blade of foot still persists and causes frequent pain when walking. Due to pain I haven’t hiked since I hurt myself.

The podiatrist’s talked me through some of the mechanics of walking and why my problem occurred. He thinks I’ve damaged a tendon that runs down from near the ankle to near the blade of the foot and I have an ultrasound soon. He strapped it up as a test and it certainly felt better.

Their pricing for custom orthodics is $800. I could buy hiking boots from them for $400. He also gave me a list of premium shoes I could buy elsewhere, but these are still hundreds of dollars. Still shaking my head, he gave me a handout about how to test a good shoe. I’m hard pressed for cash. It’d take about 3 years to save up for orthodics and well over a year for more shoes if I’m lucky.

Is there a good list on the internet or through experience giving shoes that provides some excellent support for hiking (I love endurance hiking, anywhere from 30-60km a day)? The ones on this list are overwhelmingly expensive (from $250+)

I had saved up for a long time for hiking shoes and they cost $150. To me that’s an awful lot of money and I had to do without many other things. The podiatrist reckoned they’re rubbish and will contribute to my foot problem. Pretty devastating really. I just want to hike. It’s my zen, my stress reliever, my hobby, means a lot.

Failing this I’ll probably have to give up hiking and it’s depressing me greatly. Realistically I’d probably go hiking and damage myself further. I have 2 podiatry sessions left before I start sulking.

Emily if you – or even other people on this forum – know of cheaper hiking shoes that will reduce my pain, mitigate further damage, and are obviously supporting and comfortable then that will be great. There’s lots of hiking sites discussing this but realistically I know I need a foot specialist to help me. For now as melodramatic as it seems, Im literally camping in my back yard.

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    Sure is nice of you Emily. Wish I lived near you for these answers. I’ve seen the podiatrist a number of times and he has no idea; left me high and dry with no idea what’s going on other than how to pay his bill: this scan, that scan, can’t see anything, so on my way. I sure have appreciated your input. All the best, and thanks so very much for your direction. Looks like I’ll have to take the hard road to recovery. Best regards Emily. Thanks for trying to help.

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    Hello and thank you for your follow up question. Based off of your follow up question and where your pain is you may actually want to consider a brace as this is a cheaper option. You would be able to keep your original hiking boots but use the brace. It is called an ASO brace – speak to your Podiatrist about this option.

    Again since I have not examined you I cannot say if this is definitely your answer but if your Podiatrist is discussing orthotics and better hiking boots then you could do Lynco Orthotics by Aetrex and an ASO brace. I hope this helps!

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