Numb/Squished Feeling in Toes with New Shoes

I’ve been trying to get some new shoes, but each time I wear them, after about an hour or so, I get a numb or squished feeling in my 3rd and 4th toes. I’ve never had it happen to any other shoe. It’s only recently gone to my right foot as well, where at first, it was just my left. My family has a history of diabetes, so there’s a little concerned there as well. What could it be and what can I do to fix it? Thanks, doc!

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Sounds like you are experiencing a neuroma. Neuromas are often associated with tighter shoes or shoes that restrict you movement when you push off to take a step. What I would suggest is to stop wearing these shoes as if you keep aggravating a neuroma it can get worse to the point of requiring injections. If you feel it is already very painful then you can see a Podiatrist to get an evlauation and either steroid or alcohol injection. I hope this helps!

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