not broken not a tendon?!

My husband hurt his foot last week while in the ocean. Didn’t twist, just landed wrong on it. Had immediate severe pain and unable to bear weight. Went to urgent care, said fractured 4th metatarsal and to follow up at home. Podiatrist sent for MRI. Results say old stress fracture and no ruptured tendons, he has no reason to have pain. Swelling is decreased, no bruising, but continues to have severe pain when attempting to bear weight. He says its worse when he bears weight and then lifts the foot. Can not stand to wear anything other than an ace wrap on that foot. Any ideas on what else would cause so much pain? He was basically told to suck it up.

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    Thank you for your question. I’m not sure if it is possible to get the original xrays from the urgent care center you went to – as well as the MRI images from the Podiatrist. I would take both of these and get a second opinion. I always like to look at the MRI images myself instead of relying solely on the report. Until then, minimizing activity is important, just in case he does have an injury that was missed. Good luck!

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