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Hello. I recently had neuroma surgery on my left foot. I am now dealing with a scar tissue issue in the exact spot my neuroma was. I have started physical therapy for it at three times a week which includes massage, cold laser and ultrasound. This is stressing me out and making me regret getting the surgery. Do you think physical therapy will help?

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    Hello and thank you for your question.

    I often see patients post-neuroma surgery who continue to experience pain – or now experience scar tissue pain. In these patients sometimes the scar tissue is more superficial (from the incision) vs. deeper where the neuroma actually was. And sometimes the neuroma can grow back (stump neuroma).

    What I would suggest is:

    – steroid injection to break up the scar tissue
    – repeat MRI to r/o stump neuroma / scar tissue
    – accupuncture

    If the neuroma in fact has returned then I resume alcohol injections to try and shrink the neuroma again – as well as doing entire connective tissue release work. Also if you have an underlying bunion or tailor’s bunion then the pain may persist as these structures make the foot wider and creates excess pressure on the area when in shoes.

    I hope this also helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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