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Hello my father has had the same foot pain on and off for the past three years. His symptoms come and go, there will be months with no pain then suddenly he’ll feel a pain at the bottom sole of his foot towards the heel. The pain gets worse as he applies pressure on it. He went to a Doctor a couple years ago when the pain started, she gave him a cortisone shot which made it worse. He is certain that since then the pain has gotten worse so I know that didnt help him at all. We’ve tried topical nerve creams but that doesnt seem to help either. The pain also moves from the bottom of his foot to the inside below the ankle area. He is 66 years old and currently not in the best shape. I have had my theories as to what it could be but he is very stubborn and we cannot go to so many different kind of doctors, I would like to know if you had an idea if it was nerve or muscle or if we had to go to another Doctor.
Please any temporary relief will also help.

Thank you!

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    Hello and thank you for your question.

    Sounds like he may have heel pain which can caused by either musculoskeletal or neurological – which means either a tendon or soft tissue is inflamed or a nerve is inflamed. When he saw the Podiatrist he should have received a biomechanical exam to see if his foot type or foot mechanics are contributing to the foot pain.

    Without examining him I cannot say but I’d start by focusing on supportive footwear and Lynco inserts ( as well as daily foot release and calf stretching. You can also try to roll the foot on a frozen water bottle to address any inflammation.

    If the pain persists despite doing all of the above for 2 weeks consistently then I’d see another Podiatrist to get a second opinion.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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