Mystery big toe injuries from sport

Last year, my daughter experienced subungual hematoma on both “big toes”, as a result of playing field hockey on artificial turf. Seemed to result from running, starting, stopping, etc, over the first 3 days of workouts. She lost both toe nails and missed the season Started playing yesterday. Shoes fit. Some signs of the same thing happening again! The whole front half of big toes are sore. Trying to avoid repeat of last year. No one can explain this. Any idea what causes this? How to avoid (besides not playing field hockey?) 😉 Thanks!

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    Hello and thank you for your question. This is very common in runners and field sports due to the stop and go in tighter cleats. I’d make sure your daughter is cutting her toenails short enough and her cleats fit properly – not too big or too small. You can put lambs wool in the front of the cleat to soften the impact when she’s sliding into shoe. If she happens to get a hematoma again then they can be drained without taking the entire nail off. A Podiatrist would do them when they are new (fresh). It is painless and can save the nail. If she has the nail removed or loses her nail that is not a reason to not play in a season. I hope this helps!

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