Morton’s Neuroma

I have been told by my chiropractor that I have a mortons nueroma on my left foot. She came to this conclusion with a squeeze test after my doctor said he wasn’t sure of the problem to see a podiatrist, which we do not have in my city. I tried ultrasound for a month and it did not work so now I have an appointment to try something called shock wave therapy. I have not found any material on treating a nueroma with shockwave. Just hoping for an opinion.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. If you can better describe your symptoms that would be great. Many people have neuromas in their feet that are asymptomatic so this may or may not be the cause of your pain. If you in fact do have a neuroma both ultrasound and shockwave are not appropriate treatments. I suggest getting a steroid injection or alcohol injection to the neuroma as these are the most effective treatments. In my office I never send neuroma patients to physical therapy as it does not work. You can also use metatarsal pads, Correct Toes ( and rolling the foot with golf ball or RAD Rounds ( but you still may need to do the injections. I hope this helps!

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