Mid-arch / inner foot pain when curling toes

Lately i’ve had to walk on the outside of my foot because the inside arch of my foot hurts whenever I:

A.) push off (basically every step), or B.) curl my toes, like when doing toe curls for physical therapy.

The pain is pretty sharp and my foot feels a little tender, but the pain isn’t localized in one specific area…It’s sort of on the inside of my foot, as well as the inner arch…but doesn’t feel like a fascia issue. Any thoughts? I can’t walk without limping anymore :/

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  1. Foot-com

    Hello and thank you for the question.

    Sounds like you have a tendonitis which will be stressed/aggravated during all of these movements. What I would suggest is try limiting your activity as much as possible for at least 1 week. If you feel the pain when walking then see if an ASO brace decreases the pain, or try a surgical shoe or cam walker.

    These can all be prescribed/dispensed by a Podiatrist during your evaluation. If we take an average of 5,000 steps a day that is a lot of stress that you are putting on an inflamed foot. In addition, I would ice and start taking an anti-inflammatory.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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  2. Charlene Caldwell

    I am a everyday walker two – three miles. A couple of days ago I started having a painful arch on my right foot.Hurts when standing and walking.

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