Lower Back Pain

Hi Doctor. I’ve been having a lot of lower back pain when I stand at work (I’m a nurse) and I was beginning to wonder if it has anything to do with my feet. Is there a type of shoe that you recommend or do I need orthotics? I’ve never been to a Podiatrist before. Thank you so much

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    Thank you for your question. There is a strong association between our foot type and stress that is placed on our knees and lower back.

    Standing on a hard, unforgiving surfaces such as hospital flooring or cement increases this stress. Depending on your foot type (high arch vs flat foot) this can increase the stress to the lower back. If you have never seen a Podiatrist it may be worth having a full biomechanical exam to see if you may need orthotics.

    In the mean time I would look at the Aetrex shoe line and Lynco orthotics as they can be customized to better fit your unique foot type. I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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