Long term bruising and pain in pinky toe

When I was around 7 or 8 years old, I hit my pinky toe off of a doorway multiple times within a short time frame. I am now about to be 24 in less than a week, and my pinky toe is still swollen to this day. At the base of my pinky toe (bottom of foot), it’s swollen/puffy and is tinted blue. And when you look just above that, there is a small dark purple area basically right where my toe separates from the foot. It is located on the 5th toe, almost between the 4th and 5th, but definitely on the underneath of the 5th toe. And like I said, just below that and slightly to the outer edge of my foot, I have a round area of swelling with a tint of blue color. I had a doctor X-ray it around 5 years ago and told me it was fine. He never recommended me to see anyone else about it. But after 16/17 years of dealing with the pain from this toe, I really want to know what COULD be wrong with it. My family never took me seriously when I was young and told them that the base of my toe had been blue for over a year. They thought I was making stories up. Then I showed them again years later and they realized I wasn’t a child telling tall tales, but still never took me to see anyone about it.

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. I honestly would need to see your foot to better answer this question. It is possible that during the injury you didn’t only break the toe but injured the blood vessels resulting in bruising and discoloration. If you have been to a Podiatrist who saw the bruising and didn’t note anything serious then it could be the broken blood vessels. If this is what it is then there is nothing you can do. You could also have some pressure on nerves in the area which again there isn’t too much you can do. If you want you can look into laser treatment for it which can calm the area down but no guarantee if this will fully resolve the issue. I hope this helps!

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