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Thank you for accepting my question. I learned to tie my shoes as a preschooler because of the sensitivity of the top of my left foot. Adults always tied my shoe too tightly! I have flat feet. Fortunately, I was able to wear fashionable shoes during my youth but have worn orthotics prescribed by podiatrists since about age 50. I’m 65 now. My right arch has fallen but the left one has not fallen.

The symptoms were static from about age 3 to age 60, when the top of my left foot became more sensitive. I managed it by loosening the shoe further. (I wear Brooks athletic shoes.) The discomfort increased over the last year or so. For the last few weeks the sensitivity increased to hurting and, for the last couple of weeks, there is a painful band from the bone at the “longitude” of my big toe diagonally down toward the arch — just a little closer to my ankle than the inner strap of a flip flop.

It’s clearly the same symptom I’ve had all of my life. What on earth is wrong with the foot?! … I may have to relearn the pogo stick …

THANKS! Carlie

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  1. Foot-com

    Hello and thank you for your question.

    Without seeing exactly where on your foot you are describing, it is difficult for me to say exactly what may be causing the pain so I would request a picture if possible. Otherwise it sounds like you are describing the navicular bone.

    Some people have what’s called an accessory navicular which is a sesamoid bone on the side of the navicular bone on the inside of the foot. Having this accessory bone can cause the arch to fall and can wider the foot making shoes painful if they are too tight.

    If you have not seen a Podiatrist I would suggest confirming what I am describing above. If this is the case then I suggest using your orthotics and possibly making them more aggressive with what is called a medial flange. In addition, you will want to ensure you are wearing the appropriate supportive footwear.

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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