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I am a regular runner of 20 years and have never experienced any kind of foot pain before. In the last few weeks I have experienced a discomfort that has gotten progressively worse. The source of pain seems to be coming from the inside of my foot, at the very back edge or just behind the large joint of my big toe. I sense this could be a tissue issue, but I don’t know enough foot anatomy to know if this is even a possibility. After a 9.5 mile run today it is difficult to walk unless I put stepping pressure on the outside of my foot. Any thoughts of what this could be as well as treatment suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thank you for your question. Without examining you it is difficult for me to say exactly what may be causing your pain, but I will give you some general guidelines. In the bottom of the foot we have 18 small muscles, all of which need to be strengthened and recovered on a daily basis. I recommend my patients stand on golf balls or massage the bottom of their foot after every run or at the end of the day.

    In addition, the area of the great toe is a complex network of small ligaments, tendons and the sesamoid bones. It is possible that this area may be inflamed. I would start by icing the area and taking Advil or Aleve (if you have no stomach issues). If your pain persists, I recommend seeing a Podiatrist who can better evaluate you.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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