Inner Foot Pain Below Left Big Toe on Bottom of Foot

I’ve been experiencing some foot pain on my left foot. It feels like it is more on the bottom of my foot and the area of pain is behind my big toe joint, so it’s more on the inside of the foot than the middle. The pain can be described as a dull throb. I thought at first that it was a muscle because it feels sort of “deep in there,” but perhaps it’s a tendon.

It began a few weeks ago and I gave myself a several days off from running (I’m marathon training), but the symptoms didn’t seem to improve much. I’ve been icing and taking Advil regularly and elevating when I have the chance (things that usually work for me), but nothing really has seemed to lead to improvement. Even at night, if I wake up I can feel it sometimes. The pain isn’t overwhelming or anything and I can walk fine, but it’s strange that rest hasn’t helped. My biggest fear is that it’ll get worse.

Any advice? I can’t take long periods off from running since my race is in a few months, and I feel discouraged because even when I’ve taken it really easy these last two weeks, it hasn’t improved.

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  1. Foot-com

    Hello and thank you for your question.

    Have you seen a Podiatrist? Since you are avid runner it may be in your best interest to have an in-person evaluation. Have you been doing any myofascial release to your foot and lower leg. I highly recommend releasing the feet everyday. There is a great product called RAD Roller – which is easy to take with you.

    Try to incorporate 5 minutes to the feet and lower leg 2x a day. And I would see a Podiatrist in person.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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  2. Dhawan

    Hi, I hope you’re back to running now. Unfortunately I am under the exactly same situation and although the pain is not much, it is not going at all. It has been more than a month now. If you could let me know what worked for you, I would be really thankful.

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