Injury and lump on foot

My story was after dull foot pain down the outer-lower-side of my foot and a mild adductor injury I was running one day and got a sharp pain on the top of my foot. After x-rays confirming no fracture, I took (what is now) 5 weeks off from running. During that time a lump has developed sort of half way up the top of my foot (maybe just below half) and is kind of between the 3rd and 4th toes (in relation to being slightly offset) because it’s not exactly placed in the middle of my foot but slightly left. Now, it does not hurt, only if pressed really hard and yet, when lifting my toes upward I feel a slight (for lack of a better word) tightness. Upon putting all my weight on my foot I start to feel pain, not localized to the lump but a general sharp discomfort towards the front of my foot. Running is no uncomfortable but I do notice my foot not feeling “normal” and after about 1km I start to notice the non-normal feeling more and then stop.

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