Injury around the big toe joint

Hello. I injured my right foot around 5 months ago, around the big toe joint. It was very painful and I limped, but the pain eventually went away. But slowly over time, the pain has been getting worse and worse over the past 5 months and I am now unable to walk without gasping in pain every few steps, and I now have a slight limp. I went to see an A&E doctor, and she said it was just soft tissue damage and it would get better with rest and anti-inflammitories, but I strongly believe this diagnosis is wrong as they did not examine my foot properly. All they did was press on my foot a little, but the pain feels deeper than the surface and she told me that an x-ray of the area would be useless at this point, because the injury is too old. I need to know why I am in a lot of pain, and it’s started to hurt even when I don’t move my foot at all. It is almost impossible to see my GP at the moment, what should I do?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. It is quite possible the injury you had 5 months ago and your current foot pain are not related. I’d really need more information on exactly where your foot pain is to better advise you. I’m not quite sure what a A&E doctor is and would recommend you see a Podiatrist. If you can provide more information I can better advise you as I do not want to make generalizations about your foot pain. Thank you.

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