Ingrown toenail

Hello, a few months ago i got another ingrown toenail and i removed the nail myself. But i removed it too late because an infection had already started to set in. Not long after the nail was removed did i start to notice skin was growing out from underneath the side of my toe. The infection got worse and i have had two rounds of antibiotics and i have had the skin clipped off. Months down the road and my toe is still infected and painful. I keep is bandaged and clean and soak it every day in epsom salt. Am i doing something wrong here? I just want this problem resolved and clearly what im doing and have done is not helping it. What should i do?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. You need to see a Podiatrist who can do a proper nail avulsion. If you only do antiibiotics and do not properly remove the nail you will not get better. It is more of a irritation from the nail than an infection that needs to be addressed. The proper doctor to go to for this is a Podiatrist. If they do not remove your nail then I’d see another Podiatrist to treat it properly. I hope this helps!

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