Hello Doctor. I have a pain & swelling in my toethumb along the nail. THe problem is persisting for more than 2months now and during the period I have been taking oral antibiotics to reduce swelling and pain as advised by our physician, which gave some temporary relief also and during less swelling I tried to cut the corner edge of my effected nail, but didnot succeeded as some part still remained as again for last 15days problem is increasing.

I am applying local antibiotic Dettol so that germs may not accumulate there, but swelling and pus are increasing. Doctor is advising surgery but I have come to know that there are some Laser treatment also available for this problem which cuts down the corner edge of the problematic nail for a permanent solution. Can u please advise if laser treatment is available and whether it is gud solution? Can u please advise addresses of gud Doctor in Surgery/Laser with addresses and phone nos. who can treat it gud and permanently?

I am presently out in Hyderabad (India) for my job, whereas I belong to my native place in Delhi (India). Please advise addresses in any of these locations. Please advise early on Urgent basis as I need to get this treated now without any further delay.

Thanks and regards – Rajesh

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  1. Foot-com

    Hello Rajesh Thank you for the question.

    If you have an ingrown toenail you must remove the ingrown aspect of the nail as it is creating a foreign body reaction. This is a simple 15 minute procedure in the office and not really “surgery”.

    There are procedures that can be done to permanently prevent the nail from growing back, however if this is your first ingrown toenail that procedure is not necessary.

    The laser is not appropriate either as it will not remove the part of the nail that is under the skin. Antibiotics are a temporary solution and you need to get the nail that is under the skin. Any dermatologist or podiatrist should be able to perform this simple procedure.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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