Heel spur causing long term discomfort

I was diagnosed with a heel spur…no xray taken…the doctor said he didn’t have…he could see it. This past weekend, I accidentally slipped and put full weight on my heel causing excruciating pain. There was a lot of inflammation and bruising thereafter. Now, the pain is not so bad. Could it be something else? I’ve been “doctoring” for this since January of this year and have even considered surgery as all other treatments have failed…therapy, injection, stretching….

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for question. First thing is the heel spur is not what is causing your pain so that is an irrelevant finding, in addition heel spurs can only be seen on Xray and cannot be “felt”. What you are experiencing is plantar fasciitis and if it hasn’t responded to injections, physical therapy or orthotics you may need to have an MRI to look closer at the tissue. Plantar fasciitis over 6 months can signal that it is chronic and in a degenerated state. If this is the case then you may need to consider stem cell injections or other forms of regenerative medicine. I hope this helps!

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