Heal dry hard white skin

My heels are always hard and dry even when I scrub them they are soft for an hour then go back hard again. When I take a long shower or go to the beach the heel turns a thick white color and it looks like a thick layer of dead skin and it hurts, it doent feel comfortable. I scrub them a lot and was prescribed and urea cream and that didn’t help Please help me. I have pictures

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  1. Dr. Emily Splichal

    Hello and thank you for your question. Often times when skin isn’t responding to just debridement there can be an underlying fungal infection associated. What I’d recommend is after you pummice the feet and use the urea cream is to mix it with tea tree oil or a ciclopirox or anti-fungal prescription. Certain seasons are also more susceptible to dry thick skin on heels with summer being the most common. Consistency is the most important in treating dry skin or what’s called xerosis. i hope this helps.

  2. Sheenan Hyatt

    I have had a knot in the bottom of my right heel for years. I went to a podiatrist years ago and he dug it out and told me that my pores were stopped up. It comes back in just a day or two after I cut it out every single time….it is agony getting it out for not much relief. My heel stays sore as though it is stone bruised. The skin around the knot is getting thicker and much more painful. I am doing everything he said to do, but getting nowhere. I don’t do any social functions because of the pain and can’t go barefoot at all!!! All I do is work and come home….it is destroying my life. When I talk to my primary care doctor, it’s like it’s no big deal and he won’t even examine it…look at it period!!! I have been unsuccessful in getting referred to a podiatrist because of his lack of interest. I am working on getting accepted by a new primary care doctor, but can’t handle the pain any longer! Any advice?

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