Hamstring and back of knee pain

Hi, I was playing soccer yesterday and I went to kick the ball when my left leg awkwardly bent inward. I heard a popping noise. The doctor on scene inspected me and massaged the back of my knee and hamstring area, however I felt no pain. I was able to get up and slowly put my weight on my leg. This morning, I felt a mild pain in my leg. I am not able to fully extend my leg back when standing straight and I can not bend it. I do not have any swelling on the area If you could please give me some advice and your opinion, I would greatly appreciate it Thank you

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  1. Foot.com

    I would definately go to a Podiatrist and have a full evaluation in person. You may need to have xrays or possible MRI to rule out a fracture or tendon rupture. I would not leave this to just resolve on it’s own. Good luck!

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