Hammer Toe surgery question and recurrence

I had hammer toe correction surgery 6 years ago. My toes are bending again, so a met with a different podiatrist (I moved from one state the other). The new podiatrist notice a horizontal scar across the top of my foot. He had a hard time understanding why it was there, in terms of why the first podiatrist would cut there. During a second meeting with the podiatrist he explained the the first podiatrist severe the tendons at that particular incision. Is severing of tendons on the top of the foot for hammer toe correction a normal procedure? What is the impact of the severance of the tendons?

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. I’d need to see where the incision is on the foot and if it is on the toe or more towards the top of the foot. It is possible the surgeon did a tendon lengthening not a total cut of the tendon. If you can still lift your toe up then the tendon is not totally cut (severed). If the incision is on your toe then that is a normal location for the hammertoe surgery and typical of what you’d expect to see. I hope this helps!

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