Hallux Rigidus surgery?

I am scheduled for an artificial joint replacement in my big toe big joint. It has not really hurt that much anymore since I had the steroid injection. I have met a body worker who thinks he can cure it with Somatics and manipulation. I’m conflicted now. I’m 73 and have everything booked for the surgery, nursery home recovery and so forth. Do you think the steroid injection and manipulation alone could prevent the awful burning and swelling I had before?

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. How bad was your arthritis in the big toe joint? Was it severe with little joint space left? Did you have bone on bone contact? If yes to all of these then “no” you cannot correct a hallux rigidus with somatics and manipulation. If you had early stage arthritis then “yes” you could correct it or help alleviate some symptoms with the manipulation. If I saw your xray I’d be able to better answer this quesition. I hope this helps!