Hallux Rigidus in Right Toe and Treatment

Background : I used to play extensive squash since I was 10 years old and later started playing tennis on top of squash. I discovered a slight red mark in my right toe in my mid 20’s which in few year grew to bone spur on toe joint. In my late 30’s my joint had little movement. I had show it to many Dr’s in Australia and Podiatrist treating with various customised Inserts. Infact in my early 40’s I started to feel similar pain in Toe as well but degeneration has been slow. Movement in my right toe is quite restricted whereas left one still has reasonable movement but I feel more pain in left. I have reduced my Walks and have switched more to Cycling and sometimes swimming.

For last 2 + years I got my foot scanned on Aetrex machine and started using kind of orthotics to take presure away from my toes. Question is, what do you suggest, should I continue using the same orthotics or think of something else. Thanks. Farid

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    Hello Farid.

    Thank you for your question. Without examining you it is difficult for me to fully diagnose your condition, however it sounds like you are describing hallux rigidus. In the case of hallux rigidus or painful range of motion of the great toe joint you will want to consider orthotics that have either a reverse morton’s extension or a morton’s extension.

    The reverse morton’s extension allows the great toe joint to move a little more easily, thereby hopefully eliminating the pain. Conversely a mornton’s extension blocks the range of motion of the great toe, which if movement is painful this would eliminate the pain. Determining which is the most appropriate would have to be done by your Podiatrist.

    If you have been using the Aetrex Lynco inserts and have no more pain to the great toe then I would continue with what you have and not adjust anything until your pain returns.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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