I believe something foreign is stuck underneath my foot

So, I was walking from the beach to our house and the deck was burning hot. So I run on the grass and stepped on something. I did not give it much thought so kept walking and then it started to make it hard for me to walk! So I got pair of tweezers and Dogg around but found nothing. It had been a week and it is still sore and hurts when I step fully on my heel!

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  1. Foot.com

    Hello and thank you for your question. I suggest you see a Podiatrist in person who can better look at your foot for a foreign body (splinter, glass etc.) If you do in fact have someone in your foot it’s best to have a Podiatrist remove it as these can be difficult yourself and you want to area to stay as sterile as possible. In the mean time you can soak your foot in epsom salt and warm water which can help to bring it to the surface. I hope this helps!

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