I am haveing foot pain on the top right of my right foot, it started off minor but now has been shooting up my leg and this last one made me dizzy i could not stand. I have had 3 heart attacks 1 triple bypass and this is the leg they took the vein out of. should i goto the er

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    also swollen in that spot

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    Thank you for the question.

    If you are concerned for a clot within your deep vein then I would certainly go to the Emergency Room. A clot will classically present as a red, hot and swollen calf that is tender to the touch.

    If your pain is limited only to the foot, then I would see a Podiatrist as soon as you can to get a full vascular evaluation. Try to monitor if your pain is when walking, standing or when the leg is elevated. This will help the Podiatrist during the examination. Best of luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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