Foot scan

Since my foot arch goes nearly flat when I stand, can the scan be done while you are sitting? I currently wear custom supports, but feel they could be made better than from a mold.

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    Hello and thank you for your question. There are different methods for scanning or getting an impression of the feet. You can walk across a platform, stand on a platform, make an impression in mold or do a plaster impression. All give a decent impression of the foot but what makes orthotics effective is the prescription written by the Podiatrist. If you feel that your orthotics are not controlling your foot enough you need to go back to your Podiatrist and ask them to modify them to give you more control. This can be done by adding LA pads, scaphoid pad, flanges etc. to the orthotic. The mold doens’t neccesarily need to be different. I hope this helps!