Foot problem

Hi doc. The last 18 months I have had an ongoing foot problem that stemmed from doing the marathon last year. I have small lumps on the sole of my right foot that ooze with puss and have an open cut running along the toes of my feet. I have tried everything from athletes foot cream hydro cortisone. I have had septicemia 3 times now in under a year. The most recent incedent happened just yesterday. I was admitted in hospital where I’m currently under the htd unit in the tropical disease hospital in London. Still at this stage no one can diagnose what it is after MRI scans, swabs, etc. Everything comes back normal. I have pictures at its worst. Can you help me ?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. This may be difficult to address via this site as I really do need more information and would need to see pictures and reports of what’s been done thus far. Should you want to reach me off of this site you can at

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