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Greetings, I broke my ankle at two places, the round ankle bone and on the side. It healed normally. Since I took off the aircast boot, it gets swollen. The ankle is just swollen, but not painful. the top of my foot, below my toes gets swollen too, and that is painful. I’m on PT and the therapist tried to identify the pain but couldn’t. I put ice on it, doesn’t change it. It is swollen even in the morning. All my fingers are moving normally, without pain. Could you please give me your idea what this can be and what to do with it? Thanks a lot. Regards. Aniko

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    Hello Aniko and thank you for your question. There can be different reasons of why patients get swelling after a traumatic injury such as ankle fracture. Some of the swelling could be related to the nerves and a microvascular reaction. This will typically subside within a couple months after returning to full activity.

    The other reason could be reactive edema due to the stress placed on still recovering soft tissue. This also will subside as the tissue continues to repair itself. If there is no pain associated with the swelling, I would monitor it to see when it happens the most (beginning of day vs. end of day) and if there is any discoloration associated with it. I hope this helps.

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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