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Nearly two years ago now I was playing football/soccer and was tackled and left with severe bruising/swelling on my foot. My whole foot was swollen with the top of my big toe, by the joint and the couple next to it being heavily bruised. There was also some bruising on the inside of my foot and a little on the outer side towards the heel.

Being a typical man I didnt go to see the doctor and just strapped it up and tried to elevate it when i could.. i carried on working! After several months my foot was back to normal except the the two toes next to my big to were rubbing slightly and the big toe joint seemed slightly enlarged.

I started to play football again and it was OK to begin with although eventually I could no longer kick a ball from the severe pain it caused. I then went to see my doctor who told me to rest it for several months, after the results of an x-ray confirmed it had not been broken.

I rested and my foot seemed back to normal, except for a bit of instability (i feel as though i put more pressure on the outside of my foot than i once did). I went back to playing football successfully before kicking the underside of a players foot. This has essentially put me back to square one with discomfort around the big toe joint, inside of my foot and light pain on the inside/front of my ankle and heavy pain when kicking a ball hard.

My question is what will the best course of action be to gain full strength in my foot and allowing me to enjoy playing football regularly. I presume the injury was Ligament or Tendon damage. Perhaps turf toe but the pain is more on the top and inside of my foot rather than the under-side.

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    Thank you for the question Danny.

    It is difficult to fully diagnosis without examining you. If you recently injured yourself again since the last x-ray I would recommend getting a second x-ray. Since you do have a history of an injury, you will want to rule out any traumatic arthritis or joint instability that may be causing you pain. If you are feeling this pain when you walk or kick the ball, you may subconsciously shift your body weight to the outside of your foot. The longer you continue to shift your body weight to the outside of your foot you are setting yourself up for lateral ankle tendonitis and ligament strain.

    If your Podiatrist does not find anything on x-ray, perhaps they can recommend sending you to Physical Therapy to build strength and stability back in your foot. The more strength and stability within your foot, the better you will be able to continue your sports pain free. Good luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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