Foot pain after broken foot

I broke my foot a long time ago now I have days where it feels like it’s broken I can hardly walk on it why is that?

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    Hello and thank you for your question. Chances are it is not broken as most transient pain in the foot is soft tissue related. This means that either a tendon or ligament is getting inflammed due to too much stress on the structures. I’d start by ensuring you are rolling the foot every single day. Roll the bottom of the foot on a golf ball or lacrosse ball for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes of calf stretching. Ensure you are wearing proper footwear such as those by Aetrex ( or at least using an insole such as Lyncos by Aetrex. If your pain persists despite doing the above then I recommend seeing a Podiatrist. I hope this helps!

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