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In January 2012 I had my foot ran over by a car. I was in severe pain for a day but never went to the hospital as it was not swollen or anything just painful. I had off and on days were my foot as a whole would ache ranging from 3 to 7. After walking around on it for about a month I decided to see a doctor, who told me I had several small fractures that would heel on there own. He gave me a boot to wear and I did for about 2 weeks and left it at that. Now I am still having pain and it is again becoming unbearable and interfering with my work. (Im a sales associate and on my feet for 7 to 8 hours a day.) I went to see the doc again and he said there was nothing wrong with my foot but an extra bone under my pinky toe. He gave me an insole for my shoe but that is doing nothing. I dont want to keep bothering the doctor if there is seriously nothing wrong with me but I also dont want to keep dealing with the pain in my foot.

Do you think I need a second opinion or should I just deal with the pain?

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    Thank you for your question.

    Trauma to the foot can leave a lasting impact including chronic pain and arthritis. Depending on which bones you had the small fractures in – and if they were in a joint line – your persistance foot pain may be valid.

    Without seeing your foot or knowing which foot bones you fractured it is hard for me to say if this is the case. It may be in your best interest to get a second opinion. If you do get a second opinion, try to be as specific with when you feel the pain and what activities increase the pain. This gives the Doctor a clearer picture of what may be causing your foot pain.

    Best of luck!

    Dr. Emily Splichal
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