Foot pain

Hello-for about 2 months I have been having pain in my foot-when I put pressure on the front area of my foot-causes a lot of pain on the top part of my foot. Also, if I step wrong or on something I get a sharp pain. What could be causing this? I stubbed my pinkie toe about 3 and a half months ago-that was very painful and I couldn’t wear certain shoes-toe was swollen and red-lasted about a couple of months, now the top of my foot is hurting. thank you

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    Hello and thank you for your question. I need to know exactly where on the foot it is hurting you. Is it over a certain metatarsal? Is it around a certain toe joint? If you haven’t seen a Podiatrist I would recommend seeing one to rule out a stress fracture, bursitis or neuroma. I hope this helps!

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